At least 14 people visited tri-county hospitals due to heat, health official says

As of Sunday afternoon, at least 14 people visited a hospital due to the excessive heat, according to health officials in the region. The number could be higher.

With temperatures expected to remain high, health officials and first responders remain vigilant.

“We’re hearing from hospital emergency departments that they are at capacity. We know our emergency medical services are very busy,” said Tri-County Health Officer Dr. Jennifer Vines.

Vines said the 14 hospital visits do not include the people who may have visited a hospital for a condition related to heat, but did not specify it was heat-related. Typically, Vines said they wouldn’t expect more than one person to visit a hospital for heat during June.

Multnomah County established multiple 24-hour cooling centers in the area. Vines said 240 people stayed at a cooling center Saturday night. She expects that number to be higher Sunday night.

Across the region, people are doing what they can to stay cool. In Wilsonville, the splash pad at Memorial Park was crowded with families. Parents say hydration is key.

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