Apple Cider Vinegar Is The Secret Ingredient For An Unbeatable Apple Pie

Despite possibly having roots across the pond, warm, sweet and spicy apple pie is an American classic regardless of season. And perhaps because it’s one of the most popular desserts in the country’s culinary canon, it may seem as if almost every family, restaurant, and chef has their own recipe, complete with highly classified secret ingredients and techniques. 
But there’s a surprising addition you’ve probably been sleeping on if you’re sticking to the same formula year after year, and it might just change the way you style your slices forever. Believe it or not, this critical ingredient is probably already in your cabinet. The mind-blowing modifier in question? Apple cider vinegar.
Even if it’s a little hard to imagine this being the answer, it couldn’t be easier to incorporate without overhauling your go-to recipe. Simply add about 2 teaspoons of this liquid gold to your recipe per pie, at the point when you sauté your apples for the filling. Then just complete your preferred recipe as per usual, but be prepared for an extraordinary outcome that’ll change your dessert game forever.
Even though you may not know it, vinegar is probably a game changer for many of your favorite recipes. Acid plays an important role in cooking as it acts as a flavor enhancer in everything from super salads to perked up chili, cutting through richness and keeping the palate from becoming fatigued.

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