Andrew Garfield Explains Why Spider-Man Will Endure as an Acting Role

Andrew Garfield explains why Spider-Man is the one superhero who will never lose his appeal for actors or audiences. Garfield was the second actor to tackle Spider-Man in the era of big-budget comic book movie epics, following in the footsteps of original Peter Parker Tobey Maguire.

Garfield’s tenure as Spider-Man infamously was not nearly as successful as Maguire’s however, as his two Amazing Spider-Man movies fell far short of the standard set by Sam Raimi in the three movies he directed. Undeterred by the failure of the Garfield films, Marvel quickly moved to reboot Spider-Man, bringing in Tom Holland to play the MCU version of the superhero. Holland’s Spider-Man appearances, beginning with Captain America: Civil War and then ramping up with the solo effort Spider-Man: Homecoming, quickly washed away the bad taste left by Garfield’s films. But though Holland definitely refreshed the character of Peter Parker (with some help from that unstoppable MCU machine), some have argued that Spider-Man fatigue is beginning to set in.

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