Alan Chartock: In politics, some winners can’t shake their reputation as losers

Alan Chartock: In politics, some winners can't shake their reputation as  losers – Daily Freeman

Here are a few losers:

Bill de Blasio is a loser. No question about it. He won twice, so from that perspective, he’s a winner. But he’s still a loser. You can’t convince the guy that he’s done. There is a lot of speculation, backed by some hints, that he will run for governor against Kathy Hochul, the competent first female governor of New York, as well as a few others who are not convinced that she is a sure winner. But de Blasio suffers from a winners’ complex, meaning that having succeeded as a politician, he thinks he can win anything, no matter what anyone says about him. The truth is, a lot of people really detest him.

We all remember the verbal fisticuffs that were the hallmark of his histrionic battles with “tough guy” Andrew Cuomo, both of whom were looking at the American presidency. One can only wonder what they are thinking about each other now. If I had to guess which of them has more political life left in him, I would go out on a limb and say “The Dark Prince” Andrew would win out in a mano a mano political contest.

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