Airbus Launches A New App To Track Bookings & Travel Restrictions

Airbus today announced the launch of a new mobile app called TripSet. The app is designed to provide users with all the necessary information for their journey. The aircraft manufacturer hopes the app will inspire confidence and encourage more people to start traveling again.

Travel restrictions, testing requirements, and changing schedules are continuing to present problems for passengers, leading to low passenger confidence levels. However, Airbus hopes to combat this by allowing travelers to learn all relevant information in one easy-to-use app.

The TripSet app will pull information from multiple sources regarding restrictions, entry requirements, or changes to schedules so passengers can stay up to date. The app will provide real-time information to help ensure every journey is as smooth as possible.

The app, based on the existing iflyA380 app, will have two interfaces. The first is accessible before purchasing a ticket. This section of the app will allow passengers to see which flights are available, to which destinations, and information about the airports themselves.

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