39% Of U.S. Business Travelers Say They Are Done With Work Trips For Good

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New research from Morning Consult throws a wet blanket on a strong rebound for business travel. In its latest State of Travel and Hospitality report, the data analysis company reveals that four in 10 American business travelers (39%) say they will never go on another work trip.

Instead, companies will continue to rely on video conferences and shorter, close-to-home trips. Morning Consult data shows that one in five business trips in the next year will be day trips.

“Among those who are taking trips, there is a preference for private transportation in the short term,” wrote Lindsey Roeschke, Morning Consult’s travel and hospitality analyst. “Business travelers are more likely to use their own car for travel in the next three months, but are more open to shared transport — planes, trains and buses but also rental cars — for trips in the more distant future.”

Six in 10 business travelers (62%) said they will use their cars for work trips in the next year, compared to 46% who said they will fly.