2022 NFL divisional playoff picks, bracket: Rams shock Tom Brady’s Buccaneers, Bills stun Chiefs in thriller

I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t get my picks turned in this week and that’s because I’ve spent 47 straight hours trying to come up with a worse play the Cowboys could have called against the 49ers on Sunday and I came up with nothing.

It’s fitting that the game was on Nickelodeon, but only because I’m pretty sure every kid watching at home on Nickelodeon could have come up with a better play call. If Mike McCarthy had been replaced in the fourth quarter by two Nickelodeon viewers, I’m fully convinced the Cowboys would have won the game.

The biggest upside of the Cowboys loss for me is that I picked against them last week and I mostly did that because there was no way they weren’t going to botch something big. The Cowboys always botch something big.

With the Cowboys out, that means we can stop talking about them and move on to the divisional round.

The key to picking divisional games is to not overthink it, which could be tough for me because I overthink everything. I mean, I still think about the final episode of “Lost” at least three times a day and that show went off the air 12 years ago.

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