10 Things Halston Teaches Us About The Fashion Industry

The rise and fall of Roy Halston Frowick (Ewan McGregor), at one time one of the most prominent names in high-end fashion in the ’70s and ’80s, is a cautionary tale about sacrificing creativity for profit. In Ryan Murphy’s kaleidoscopic Netflix mini-series Halston, the show provides an in-depth look at the fashion industry, revealing how mercurial it could be for someone wrestling with their own identity.

From the creation of Halston’s first clothing line for Bergdorf Goodman to selling it to J.C. Penney, fans learn what happens when a passionate and creative mind tries to have both creative control and financial freedom, among other fascinating lessons about the world of fashion.

When a young Halston tries to sway Bergdorf Goodman with his design ideas after the success of Jacqueline Kennedy’s pillbox hat, it becomes clear that a designer is only as good as their ability to sell themselves. Being able to market their ideas and, more importantly, convince potential investors of the revenue to be gained by them, is essential to any brand-building.

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