Way too early 2022 NFL Mock Draft Roundup: 8 different QBs are mocked to Washington next year!

One last mock draft roundup? Yes one last mock draft roundup, this time looking at the way too early projections for Washington’s draft pick in 2022. The mock drafters do not think Washington will be successful next season, with a draft range from #8 – #23. Vegas has also set expectations below average with a starting line of 8 wins for Washington in 2021. Super Bowl odds are currently at 66/1.

This year’s team is in a lot better spot than it was following last year’s draft. Expectations were low from Vegas, and a lot of fans, as Ron Rivera took over a team coming off of a 3-13 season. A lot has changed since then, Washington got a new name and a new division title to hang on the mantle. The team is still looking for a franchise QB after cutting Dwayne Haskins Jr. last year, and parting ways with Alex Smith this year. But they have some Fitzmagic for a year, and have added a few weapons for him to play with this season.

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