8 best comfortable work-from-home pants for men in 2021

While technical difficulties and “Zoom fatigue” can result from trying to be productive at a distance, working from home has also been largely defined by what we wear. From the “Zoom shirt” to statement headbands, what you wear to the virtual office now might be very different from what you wore to work pre-pandemic. And casual comfort — think sweatshirts and leggings — reigns supreme. Pants have become an enemy of sorts for many during this new era of “pandemic dressing.” But as we head toward a post-pandemic future — with some office workers already returning to office buildings — wearing jeans, trousers and khakis could make more of a comeback. Jean sales are already on the rise, in fact.

Still, some have found comfort in dressing up for remote work in the morning. “When we ‘love’ an item or outfit that we’re wearing, it enhances our mood. We might love it for many reasons, but there is nothing inherently mood-lifting about the item itself,” explained behavioral psychologist Carolyn Mair, author of “The Psychology of Fashion.” And as the lines between professional and personal are blurred, wearing work clothes rather than workout clothes could help.

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