Muscle pain: Myalgia may be caused by many factors – how to know it may be serious


“Using vibration and percussion technology post workout is a great way to help remove lactic acid build up from the training session.

“The regular use of Percussion devices can encourage muscle tissue relaxation, increase blood flow and circulation as well as increase the flexibility of muscles. We would recommend three times a day for 15 minutes.

“Active recovery and encouraging the contraction of muscles through day-to-day activity can help boost recovery.

“Going for walks, a gentle swim or other forms of low impact activity will increase the muscle contraction which helps with increased blood flow and reduced inflammation.

“Ice Compressions treatment (or RICE) can also help to reduce the inflammation in the muscle and treat DOMS.

“When treating areas with ice compression our blood vessels constrict, then when you remove the ice they dilate, which helps to flush away waste products and increase blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to aid recovery.”

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