Hamas Rockets Reflect Success in Creating Gaza Military Industry


The recent barrages fired at Israel appear to have changed the balance of power somewhat – something that has won the recognition of some Israelis

During the recent round of fighting in Gaza, Hamas chalked up one significant operational achievement: the huge number of rockets and mortars fired into Israel. The group’s attempts to attack Israel through tunnels were a total failure, as were its efforts to whip out wild cards like attacks using drones of both the air and sea varieties.

But in the realm of high-trajectory fire, there was a marked improvement. Although the projectiles caused relatively few Israeli casualties, it seems the balance of power between the two sides has somewhat changed.

This accomplishment has won the recognition of professionals on the Israeli side. Hamas, and to some extent Islamic Jihad, have succeeded in developing a local military industry in the Gaza Strip, and this happened during the period when Egypt, spurred by Israel, had almost completely sealed its border with the Strip and had reduced the scope of arms smuggling to a minimum

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