Banana Blossoms Are the Vegan Fish Substitute That’s Good for Your Heart


Whole Foods just released its first-ever plant-based trend predictions, calling out the foods its Trend Council says are about to take over the aisles—and beyond. Some things, like gourmet vegan cheese and plant-based meat, have been migrating from fringe to mainstream in recent years. But there’s one trend on the list that may surprise even the most in-the-know plant-based eaters: banana blossoms, a vegan seafood alternative with a flaky texture and plenty of health benefits.

Parker Brody, the senior global category merchant for plant-based at Whole Foods Market, says brands are using ingredients such as legumes and banana blossoms to replicate the delicate texture of fish, specifically naming Upton’s Natural Banana Blossom ($3) as one to look for on store shelves. “The purpose of substituting banana blossom for fish is similar to substituting jackfruit for pulled pork,” Brody says.

Never heard of banana blossoms? Below, Brody and Melissa Rifkin, RD, explain what they are, how they’re being used, and the nutritional benefits.

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