Yankees 7, Orioles 0: Montgomery looks sharp and Giancarlo is grand

There’s no reason to fret three games into the season. That said, if a few hitters get off to a slow start or if an offense as a whole struggles to get runners in, some will surely feel antsy, particularly when said offense belongs to a Yankees team with World Series expectations.

Of course, while the Yankees failed to get many big hits over their first few games, they still worked opposing pitchers and had the look of a lineup ready to bust out. It was only a matter of time until they started to produce some crooked numbers, until the dam broke. Well, the dam showed cracks today, the Yankee offense flashed its might, and the Bombers downed the Orioles 7-0.

The scoring started in the fourth, with Aaron Judge taking Jorge López deep for his first dinger of the year. It was the kind of homer that could drive the home fans crazy if it came from a visitor, with Judge’s fly ball just barely finding itself clear of the short porch in right:

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