Would you spend $400 on a pineapple? Del Monte is bringing a limited number to the US

Del Monte is bringing its latest pineapple innovation, the Rubyglow, to the United States in a limited release. This rare and exotic fruit boasts a striking ruby-red exterior and a sweet, golden interior.
The Rubyglow pineapple is the result of over 15 years of research and development by Del Monte’s scientists. It was created by crossing a traditional pineapple with a dark red-purple Morada variety found in Venezuela and Colombia. This unique hybrid process has resulted in a pineapple unlike any other.
With only around 5,000 Rubyglow pineapples available worldwide in 2024 and just 3,000 in 2025, this fruit is an exceptionally rare and exclusive product. As such Del Monte are charging staggering $400 price tag, with a waiting list online to even order.

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