Why Lana Del Rey Refuses to Sing a Line From Her Controversial Song ‘Ultraviolence’

Lana Del Rey is one of the hardest working singer-songwriters in the business. Her catchy songs about her struggles to find love and happiness have garnered a devoted following that resonates with her lyrical prowess. However, some see her songs about the toll that toxic relationships not as an artist baring her soul but as a poisonous way to keep rampant problems in society from ever moving forward.

Del Rey is no stranger to criticisms about her lyrics. Known for her deeply personal odes about love, hate, and everything in between. As Title Magazine noted, her verses about toxic relationships, however, some believe her words, even if they mean well, can trigger negative memories for victims of abuse, both physical and mental.

From “Video Games,” where the singer treated an emotionally unavailable man as a quirk to recent songs likes “Ultraviolence,” Del Rey’s penchant for realistic lyrics has been as much a part of her legacy as her music over the past decade. However, it doesn’t mean that she’s unaware of the dangers behind her storytelling.

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