White House toils amid multiple crises on Labor Day

Analysis: White House Toils Amid Multiple Crises On Labor Day - WorldNewsEra

There is no rest for an under-pressure White House this Labor Day as President Joe Biden tackles health, economic and legislative challenges that deepened on his watch and are beginning to erode his political standing.

A worsening Covid-19 pandemic, with the added concern of the impact of the Delta variant on kids, the fallout from the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and new concerns over job growth are weighing on the administration after a tough summer. New complications over passing the President’s sweeping infrastructure and social program, and a shocking move by Texas to all but outlaw abortion are exacerbating an extraordinary menu of crises.
On Afghanistan and the question of boosters for Covid-19 vaccines, there are signs that the administration’s previously steady touch has been less sure. As the Delta variant rampages across the country and after an Afghanistan pullout in which Biden appeared at times less than candid and willing to pass the buck, the President’s popularity has begun to hit the skids. In the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released last week, his approval rating fell to 43% — the lowest of his presidency so far and down 6 percentage points from July.