Weather headlines from around the world

You could say our North Dakota weather has been enough to consume the headlines lately. But there are other places that have also been feeling the wrath of Mother Nature.

We start in east Africa. A place that has been inundated with recently heavy rain. Several countries in this region have been particularly hit hard.

Many have been uprooted from their homes as rivers have been rising. Water-logged farms have considerable crop damage. Unfortunately, the heavy has taken the life of at least 15 in Somalia. Parts of this region are still favored to see above-average rainfall.

There are other regions around the world seeing too much rain… and this time head to Afghanistan. An area known for its dry climate is now dealing with catastrophic flooding. According to the countries disaster agency, at least fifty people have died.

Next, we go from flooding to droughts. Hailed as one of the raniest places on earth, Taiwan is now in a devstating dry spell. Many farmers there have had to give up on farming this year and the water has been rationed for residents and businesses.

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