Washington universities discourage spring break travel as pandemic continues

The University of Washington sent a letter to students in early March that “nonessential travel is still strongly discouraged” with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This applies to Spring Break, which is scheduled at UW this week.

“I got a few emails about ‘don’t hold any big parties,’ anything like that, so we just try to be home and stay safe,” said UW graduate student George Huang.

A few blocks away from UW’s Seattle campus, University Presbyterian Church welcomed spring with a tulip drive, which also serves as a fundraiser for families with children fighting a serious illness. This yearly tradition continued in a not-so-traditional year. But other annual events are impacted.

“Usually, the high school group would be down in Mexico building houses this week — and college students usually go somewhere on a mission trip — none of that is happening this year,” said Liz Coon, mom of two college-aged students.

Across the state, Washington State University is forgoing its traditional Spring Break altogether. Instead, WSU is spreading out vacation days over three long weekends this semester.

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