Washington Commanders might have engaged in ‘unlawful’ financial conduct, Congress alleges to FTC

The House Oversight Committee announced Tuesday that it has reason to believe the Washington Commanders and owner Daniel Snyder might have withheld or concealed ticket revenue and related funds as part of “a troubling, long-running, and potentially unlawful pattern of financial conduct.”

In a letter sent to the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday, the committee said that as part of its ongoing investigation into allegations of a toxic workplace culture within the Commanders’ organization, it obtained evidence that the team might have underreported some of its ticket revenue to the NFL. A portion of ticket revenue is pooled among NFL teams as part of the league’s revenue-sharing agreement.

The committee also informed the FTC, which investigates deceptive business practices, that the team might have intentionally withheld “approximately $5 million” in refundable ticket deposits that it owed to fans and corporations.