Venom and Carnage are gobbling up the box office this weekend

Proving that Disney isn’t the only studio capable of launching a major movie in the midst of what is still, annoyingly, a massive global pandemic, the box office results are already coming in, showing that Sony’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage is on track to be a fairly serious COVID era hit.

This is per Deadline, which reports that the film—in which Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson’s resident goo monsters hurl themselves at each other, to presumably squishy effect—had the second-biggest Friday night of the pandemic era, posting $37.3 million at a box office swarmed by rampant, and hopefully virus-free, symbiote fans. (The biggest Friday of the year remains Black Widow, which, it’s worth remembering was only a “flop” when judged on the scale of $200 million-budgeted Marvel superhero spectaculars.)

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