Tierra Whack says she’s quitting music: “I’m done”

The rapper has seemingly announced her retirement on Instagram

Tierra Whack has seemingly suggested that she has quit music, despite a string of recent releases.

Posting on her Instagram stories earlier this week, the rapper simply wrote: “I quit. I’m done doing music.”

She didn’t reveal the reason for her decision, but it comes weeks after she released new track ’76’, to toast the Philadelphia 76ers making it into the NBA playoffs.

Last year, the rapper also told Variety that the follow-up to her 2018 debut, ‘Whack World’, was “definitely” coming.

Posting on Twitter yesterday (June 30), she also seemingly alluded to the situation by writing “I ain’t finna ruin nobody else day just cause I’m having a bad one!”

In April, Tierra also released ‘Link’, which was accompanied by a new video which sees her meet a host of vibrant intergalactic creatures, build a rocket and fly through space.

The visuals for ‘Link’ were a partnership with the LEGO group and said to be partially inspired by the rapper sitting down with a group of Philadelphia school children to build objects with LEGO bricks, with their ideas brought to life through the video.

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