Thirsting for new music at Thesis Beer Project

Though singer-songwriter Clay Fulton’s latest record is called “When Trouble Comes,” it’s no trouble at all to listen to its 12 original tracks. The album, recorded at Carpet Booth Studios, is a journey that crosses from hard-hitting hooks to delicate ballads, and many of its songs center on traveling, like “Heading Up North” and “Show Me State.”

During April, Fulton and his six-piece band, The Lost 40, will complete a residency at Thesis Beer Project to promote the new record. Every Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m., Fulton and Co. will play their music on the outdoor stage at Thesis, along with guest acts including Jeremy Jewell on April 7, The Track Lighters on April 14, Drew Seisler on April 21, and Cash Francis Bayshore on April 28.

As a record, “When Trouble Comes” includes songs that seem familiar on first hearing. Fulton has a rasp that makes him sound like an old friend. The slight twang of country guitars and full organ sounds on some cuts are set off by the delicate sounds of bells on tracks like “Walls of St. Paul” and strings on “American Folk Song.”

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