Their all Barbie girls in a fashion world

That’s what Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS) senior Martha Garduno said about her fashion design class with teacher Elizabeth Carpenter. Garduno has taken arts classes all through high school and fashion design did not disappoint.

“We watched a lot of runway shows and talked shop. It was super fun, creative and low stress,” Carpenter said.

As part of their class, students have dressed Barbie dolls in avant garde styles to practical looks in a variety of challenges. Not only is making Barbie clothes a growing trend right now, but it worked well in distance learning as students might not have access to sewing machines. Carpenter delivered her students a needle and thread along with Barbie dolls found in second-hand stores who were in need of proper attire.

Garduno said she plans to attend Blackhawk Technical College next year and eventually work in early childhood education where she plans to use her love of art. She has taken all art classes available and said she will be a little sad when she leaves BMHS art classes and Carpenter.

“She was so fun, creative and out there. It was kind of a shock at first,” she said. “You felt the creative process.”

Sophomore Jayla House used a blue bandana accented with white fabric coming off the hip and shoulder area to make a stunning avante garde look. She said the class is fun and her mom tells her she is creative.

Junior Jasiah Richardson wanted a two-piece skirt and tube top garment with a shoulder wrap. She mixed a black-and-white and black-and-red print to make for a sophisticated look.

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