The incredible healing power of music

Musical therapy is being used in hospitals to help COVID-19 patients recover. In the midst of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the summer of 2020, a music teacher found a way to help his campers release some of the tension they were feeling through a unique musical instrument. A musician writes her own music to help others heal from trauma, just as she has been through.

Music can inspire us, unite us and comfort us, and these stories from across the country show what an important role music plays in people’s lives.

“As the kids got older and older we saw, as therapists, that they weren’t staying active. They didn’t have peer interaction, they just didn’t have jobs. And so, we thought, ‘We have got to do something about that,'” Gomes said.

Along with her son, Cameron Gomes, she created the DreamPlex in 2015 and run a variety of different therapy-based programs to help all kinds of families. Pre-pandemic, the dance classes were some of the most popular. Read more