The importance of online reviews for today’s small businesses

What is the first thing you do when searching for a business or researching a restaurant, service provider, retail store? Most people “Google” it! Why are we talking about this today? We have all heard about Google and most businesses today are on Google, and have signed up for Google My Business … but do you have any Google Reviews?? Have you looked at them lately?! As a small business owner, you probably know how important it is to have a good reputation and how great it is to have someone come to your business based on a referral. Google is increasingly, if not already, the standard for researching businesses, which means making sure you are getting Google reviews, reading them and responding to them is important for so many reasons.

1) The more good reviews you have helps with your SEO (search engine optimization). It has the potential to rank your business higher on Google. Google will push businesses with higher numbers of good ratings closer to the top of the search page.

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