The Best Fashion Links of the Week

Now more than ever, people are experiencing fashion through their phones. In “Screen Time,” fashion writer Emilia Petrarca shares all the screenshots, double taps, and swipes she made this week.

Some weeks knit themselves up into a cohesive theme. This was not one of those weeks. Still, plenty of things happened: Fendi launched a line of dog accessories; Tom Ford gave an interview about desk cocaine; I found an incredible Alaia belt. Read on for the roundup.

Fendi introduced a pet-accessories line this week that includes a $2,690 logo carrier bag, a $290 dog collar, and a $420 dog leash. (But unfortunately, not the dog.)

I recently saw a Prada pet collar while scrolling online and mistook it for a human choker. I was like, “Ooh!” And then I was like, “Oh, no …” But then I was like, “Maybe??” Gucci did it! If only my neck were small enough.

A bunch of really hot people have been vacationing in Miami this week and I’m living vicariously through them, especially Richie Shazam, who looks simply sizzling in summery Versace prints and platform flip-flops.

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