The 7 Reasons Why I’ll Never Buy An Apple Phone.

Possibly the biggest consideration that people take into account when buying a new phone is the price. And iPhones aren’t cheap.

The newest model, the iPhone 14, costs a hefty $799 for the cheapest version. And the Pro version, which comes with other perks like a better camera and the new Dynamic Island feature, starts at $999.

You add $100 if you want to upgrade either model for the Plus or Max version, which has a bigger screen. The most expensive version of the iPhone 14 available for purchase, the Pro Max with a terabyte of storage, comes in at $1,599.

If you want a more basic version with less functionality but a smaller price tag, you’re out of luck. Unlike other phone makers, Apple doesn’t sell an updated but low-budget version of its phones, and instead redirects customers to its older models.

Samsung, in contrast, sells the Galaxy A53 5G for under $500, alongside much higher-end models like its fold and flip phones.

My current phone — a Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G — isn’t perfect, and there are things about it that can frustrate me, but at least I know I haven’t spent a lot of money on it.

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