Stephen Johns Rollerblades Across America in Mental Health Journey

Former Dallas Stars hockey player Stephen Johns is rolling along on a slow journey.

The former defenseman is rollerblading across the country in a journey to raise both money and awareness of mental health challenges.

“I just think about life, about great moments in my life, my hockey career and my personal life,” Johns said. “Just kind of reflect on where I was before the journey and where I am now.”

While rolling across America on rollerblades without a daily agenda, Johns is now at peace, rediscovering life before mental health challenges created by the game he loves, which changed his life forever.

“You want to play with a torn-up knee or broken wrist or something,” Johns said. “That’s the awesomeness of hockey is just how tough guys are. But there are certain injuries you can’t play through. And I played through them throughout my entire career and it caught up to me.”

What caught up to Johns was multiple concussions.

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