Sound Health: Health Care Compensation Models Continue To Shift Slowly

The national conversation about medical compensation has been going on for years. The goal is to transition to a model where revenue comes more from keeping people healthy than from fee-for-procedures in treating specific illnesses. That transition is not complete, but some changes have come.

“We’re all well aware that the percent that individuals, as well as businesses and the government, spend on health care is problematic and we have to find a way to provide care at a lower cost,” said Carle BroMenn President Colleen Kannaday.

In a new episode of Sound Health, Kannaday said there are some new revenue models that share money saved by preventive care.

“Really, it has been the various individual contracts that the physicians participate in that has been willing to provide additional reimbursement for wellness and screening versus simply reimbursing physicians or even hospitals for treating patients solely when they are sick,” Kannaday said.

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