Scripps Health patients question the extent of stolen information in cyberattack

It’s been two days since Scripps Health made the jarring announcement that almost 150,000 patients may have had their personal information compromised in the cyberattack, but there were still few answers on Thursday about how much data was taken.

“It’s not comfortable,” said patient David Jacobson. He’d been struggling for weeks to access his records following a neck injury.

After learning this week’s news about the volume of patients who were affected by the attack, he contacted the dedicated call center on Thursday for an update.

“I gave them a call. I wanted to check and see if I was going to get a letter or if, in fact, my Social Security number had been compromised. I was told that it had not been compromised, as far as they knew. As of yet,” he added.

On Tuesday, Scripps Health revealed that an unauthorized person hacked its network and got copies of documents before deploying ransomware and that health information and personal financial information were acquired.

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