Scotia Freedom Park Return Live Music

On Wednesday, June 23, the Freedom Park Summer Concert Series will feature in-person concerts every two weeks until August 28.

After the completely virtual season of the 2020s, we couldn’t be more excited to be live and return to the park stage this year, said Cathy Gatta, president of the Freedom Park Foundation.

To bring back shows in person, organizers will rearrange the seats, cutting modules of about 10 feet each, so that attendees can socially distance themselves from other groups.

At this point, New York state is allowing up to 500 attendees to outdoor concerts without venues having to verify the COVID-19 vaccination or test, Gatta said. We hope the restrictions continue to loosen over the summer, but for now take what we can get.

Freedom Park Foundation volunteers will count the number of participants as they enter to ensure they do not exceed the maximum of 500.

Participants should also plan to wear headwear when not in their designated seating area.

Hope the focus isn’t on what visitors can’t do, but that we can now be outside enjoying the music of some really wonderful local bands in a beautiful park, Gatta said.