Richard Nixon Hunts JFK’s Assassin In Animated Nixed Trailer


The trailer for Nixed sees President Richard Nixon on the hunt for John F. Kennedy’s assassin. Nixed is the creation of Mike Davis, who previously directed Clive Owen’s over-the-top action movie Shoot ‘Em Up. Davis wrote and directed Nixed, which he impressively animated by hand himself over the course of four years, giving the film a unique look. Drawing inspiration from famous political cartoons from the Nixon era, like those of Herbert Block, the film aims to set itself apart from mainstream animation.

Nixed features the voices of Rick Zieff as Nixon and Richard Epcar as Kennedy. The film is described as an adult animated political cartoon where Nixon believes the same shadow government that had JFK assassinated is out to get him. In an effort to save his own life, Nixon begins to investigate JFK’s murder, racking up a list of suspects that includes the CIA, the mob, Lee Harvey Oswald, and J. Edgar Hoover. Nixed includes a wide range of real life figures, from those already mentioned to surprising faces like Bill Clinton and Frank Sinatra.