Travel Insurance Due to Dissatisfaction with Pandemic-Related Insurance Coverages and Claims

Average post-claims Net Promoter Score (NPS) of -26 drives travelers to purchase embedded protection directly from travel providers and agents

A recent US travel insurance survey shows that 42% of US travelers plan to switch from their current travel insurance channel due to dissatisfaction with coverage and claims experiences. In fact, an overwhelming majority of US travelers (61%), would prefer to purchase travel insurance directly from their travel provider or agent for their next trip, a significant growth from the 35% who purchased this way in the past 18 months. This is according to a survey, conducted by, and commissioned by Cover Genius that observed 6,000 US travelers to better understand sentiments regarding travel insurance, their preferred channels for obtaining it, and their experience when making a claim.

In comparing recent purchases versus future purchase preferences for travel insurance, 69% of people who purchased protection from their travel provider would do so again, whereas 44% of travelers who previously purchased protection from an online insurer said they’d switch to another source of protection next time. For those who got insurance through their credit card, 45% indicated a preference to switch to another source.

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