Rabid fox attacks dogs in Richmond County

A Richmond County resident’s two dogs were attacked by a rabid fox in the 4300 block of Peach Orchard Road, according to authorities.

It happened May 11, and it was learned the fox was rabid after Augusta Animal Services responded to the scene and collected the fox for testing by the Georgia Public Health Laboratory in Decatur.

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The dogs each received a rabies booster vaccination and are currently under 45-day observation.

Additionally, the Richmond County Health Department’s Environmental Health Section is currently notifying residents in the area to avoid contact with wild animals.

The Richmond County Health Department Environmental Health Section recommends you:

Make sure your dogs and cats are currently vaccinated against rabies.
Don’t let your pets roam free. They are more likely to have contact with a rabid wild animal.
Avoid feeding your animals outside. This draws stray and wild animals to your doorstep.
Teach your children not to approach wild animals and animals they don’t know.
Report any contact of humans and domestic animals with wild animals to Richmond County Health Department Environmental Health Section office at 706-667-4234 or Augusta Animal Services at 706-790-6836

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