Pinstripe Alley’s 2021 Yankees and MLB predictions

At long last, it’s almost Opening Day. In just 24 hours, we’ll already know how the Yankees’ first game of the season turned out. Well, either that or we’ll be sad that it rained.

With the 2021 season nearly upon us, it’s time for the Pinstripe Alley staff to share its predictions for the upcoming campaign. As always, our writers were tasked with taking their best shots at forecasting standings, awards, statistics, the playoffs, and more. If we’re wrong, blame it on glitches in the matrix.

Last year, Josh unseated Jake’s “dynasty Yankees”-esque run of four consecutive years atop the PSA Predictions leaderboard. Josh has now actually won in back-to-back seasons since he and Jake split the crown in 2019. Will Josh three-peat, or will one of the challengers unseat him?

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