Opinion: Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee get automatic spots on US Olympic gymnastics team, which will be favored for gold

The U.S. women might want to consider bringing a Brinks truck with them to Tokyo.

Simone Biles alone would be enough to make the Americans overwhelming favorites to win their third consecutive Olympic title. But the other gymnasts accompanying her to Tokyo, both on the four-person team and the two individuals, give the U.S. women the potential to win a lot of medals.

A lot a lot.

“Each person on this team brings something for each event,” Sunisa Lee said Sunday night. “I think we’re going to do pretty good overall.”

Biles was a given to make the Tokyo team from the second she announced in late 2017 that she was coming back — I mean, duh. She’s the greatest gymnast the sport has ever seen, and locked her spot for Tokyo by finishing first at the two-day Olympic trials.

But thanks to several uncharacteristic errors by Biles — she fell off beam and went out of bounds on floor twice — Lee Actually finished ahead of her in Sunday’s event.

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