One Major Side Effect of Eating Frozen Pizza, According to Science

Dinner doesn’t get much easier than ordering delivery from the local pizza shop unless you have a frozen pie in the freezer ready to pop into your oven. Then, you’re golden. Just sit back, crack open a beer, and wait for your piping hot “heart attack on a plate.”

Wait, what? It’s just a pizza!

Yes, and eating frozen pizza probably isn’t going to trigger a heart attack today. But if you dissect the typical packaged pizza from your supermarket and examine the ingredients, you’ll find that frozen pizzas deliver the perfect storm of heart-harming elements.

You know what they are—salt, sugar, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates—but you probably don’t think about them when you’re busy munching and trying to keep grease from dripping on your blouse. High amounts of all of those things raise your risk of heart attack and stroke. They also increase your odds of related metabolic disorders like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, diabetes, and obesity, which in turn, elevate heart disease risk. If you ask yourself, what’s one major potential side effect of eating a lot of frozen pizza, it has to be heart disease. Let’s open a box and find out why with an eye toward nutritional science.

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