“On The Road Again” Turns Memory Lane Into A Musical Roadtrip

As summer heats up and a stir-crazy population hits the streets once more, Florida Studio Theatre celebrates the reclaimed spirit with a throwback musical roadshow that pays tribute to those halcyon days of summers past—when every turn on the road meant adventure, those long warm nights lasted forever and even piling into the family minivan looked good.

Titled On The Road Again and currently touring the area, the new family-friendly show takes audiences on a musical roadtrip through the United States, highlighting the cultural and geographical diversity of the nation through song and story. And over the course of the 45-minute show, the four performers lead the audience on this exploration, darting from Florida to the west coast before looping back towards New England and trekking down the eastern seaboard back to Florida, making pitstops and pulling off at various locales along the way.

At each stop, the show stages a mini-concert to highlight the musical identity of the region, with everything from “Country Roads” and “Surfin’ USA” to “Dancing in the Street,” “Uptown Funk” and a whole Motown section. Even the youngest audience members will find tunes to sing along to with American classics like “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain.”