Olivia Rodrigo: ‘I’m obsessed with the concept of déjà vu’

I actually wrote it about a month after writing ‘Driver’s License’. So I wrote it a really long time ago, I mean, relatively. But I’m sort of obsessed with the concept of déjà vu. Like I really love that concept, I get déjà vu all the time. And so I thought it would be a cool play on words to use déjà vu as a metaphor for this very universal thing that happens when you break up with someone and they get with somebody else, and see them living the life that you lived… Yeah, it’s just a super universal thing that I think happens to everyone that we just don’t really talk about a tonne.

So I had this line in my phone written for like a while. It says, “When she’s with you, do you get déjà vu?” And so I was in the studio with Dan whos my producer and main collaborator, just my favourite guy ever. We were actually trying to write something else. I think we’re trying to write like a sad song or something and it just wasn’t coming, and he’s like, “What else do you have?” And I was like, “Well, I have this line,” I just have song lyrics written on my notes app for days. And so I was like, “Oh, I have this line written,” and he really liked it. And so we kind of wrote it together and kind of created this whole world. And I really love painting pictures with songs.

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