Never Eat or Drink These Foods During a Heatwave, Experts Say

a woman holding a cup of coffee: close up of woman drinking black iced coffee

With temperatures climbing to record-breaking levels across the country, everyone should be doing what they can to stay safe. Drinking water and wearing sunscreen (preferably with an SPF of 30 or above) can help protect you during a heatwave, but there are also certain foods you should avoid while trying to beat the heat — and they’re not what you might think.

Some fruits and vegetables are considered diuretics, which means that they naturally help flush water out of the body. Diuretics can be a great aid in helping the kidneys flush out excess water from the body, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

But when temperatures are soaring, it’s important that we hang on to as much water as possible. And that’s when relying on these foods too much could lead to dehydration.

It’s important to note that we’re not advocating you completely avoid these foods, only that you’re aware that they may be contributing to feelings of dehydration.

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