Natalia Bryant Says Mom Vanessa Is Her Style Muse: ‘You Can Find Inspiration Anywhere’

When it comes to fashion, Natalia Bryant finds the best inspiration within her family.

The 18-year-old daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant — who signed with IMG Models in February — opened up about her sartorial influences in a Q&A video released by the agency on Thursday, sharing that her mother is actually her go-to person for advice.

“I probably take the most style tips from my mom,” she said with a laugh.

According to the teen, her favorite aspect about fashion is that she can always find “inspiration from other people.”

“I love how fashion inspires different people from different cultures and different parts of the country,” she explained. “You can gain inspiration from everywhere and anyone, and I think that’s the most beautiful part about fashion is that you can find inspiration anywhere.”

“Over the years, she taught me confidence, and that beauty comes from the inside first,” Natalia told Vogue, when speaking about the film. “Beauty fades, so be sure to be positive, confident and like who I am, my morals and views. That’s definitely helped shape who I am as an individual.”