Music sets the stage for NFL Draft picks: Heart’s Ann Wilson, Cleveland students, Kings of Leon perform

Ironically, for a sports-focused event that draws the attention of professional football fans everywhere, it was music that helped spark the opening of the NFL Draft on Thursday.

Before NFL teams could make their selections from the Draft Theater at North Coast Harbor, and with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame serving as a backdrop and hub for the festivities, voices were raised, bands played and fans cheered. Each night of the draft will feature a different band; Kings of Leon was in the spotlight Thursday – and even played an appropriate song.

The NFL’s annual Draft selections – once a simple rollout of announcements, player backgrounds and media analysis – has evolved into an entertainment spectacle. And music shined Thursday.

The draft prospects, dignitaries and other celebrities made their way to the main Draft Theater via a red carpet in front of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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