Morgan Stewart urges new moms to listen to their bodies following thyroid disorder diagnosis

or about two months, Morgan Stewart felt dizzy when she stood up quickly and experienced joint pain, tightness in her calf muscles and an ache in her right eye. At first, she suspected being a new mother put a different strain on her body. When her symptoms worsened, she sought help and is sharing her story to encourage others to see their doctor when something feels wrong.

“If you’re feeling off, please don’t wait as long as I did to get things checked out, especially if you’re a new momma,” the co-host of the E! show “Daily Pop” shared in her Instagram stories.

At first, Stewart thought “this was my new ‘normal’ and my new ‘groove’ with a newborn.” Stewart had her daughter in mid-February. She originally believed that all the time she spent bouncing baby Row to soothe her caused her newfound soreness. But about seven weeks ago, her symptoms intensified.

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