More cantaloupe products recalled in Canada because of possible link to deadly outbreak

Sixteen more freshcut cantaloupe products have been recalled in Canada because of links to a deadly international Salmonella outbreak.
The most recent outbreak update for Canada, posted Nov. 24, showed 63 confirmed patients with 17 of them hospitalized and one dead.
As of Nov. 30, there were 117 confirmed patients in the United States, up by 18 since the previous update on Nov. 24. At lease 61 of the patients have required hospitalization and two people have died. The outbreak stretches across 34 states, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
The implicated whole cantaloupe in both countries was imported from Mexico. The pre-cut products were made using the recalled whole cantaloupe. Pathogens on the outside of cantaloupe are easily transferred to the fruit inside during the cutting process.
In Canada and the United States a variety of whole and pre-cut cantaloupe has been recalled. A new recall in Canada includes 16 pre-cut products. The following chart provides details to help consumers determine whether they have the recalled cantaloupe products in their homes. Some consumers may have frozen the products for future use. Consumers are urged to throw away any cantaloupe of unknown origin.

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