Mines student-athlete participates in two sports concurrently for first time in decades

COVID-19 forced the NCAA women’s soccer season into spring time, instead of its typical time slot in the fall. Amena Nelson is now playing soccer and running track.

Where most would have seen a roadblock, Amena Nelson saw an opportunity.

“Being in this moment, it doesn’t feel like history-breaking,” she told 9NEWS. “Right now, it just feels like something that had to be done.”

It’s not exactly history breaking, but it’s certainly close. Nelson is the first two sport athlete to play in concurrent seasons at Colorado School of Mines, since Mike Flater did the same in 1973-74.

Nelson is a third-year player on the Mines women’s soccer team, and a third-year sprinter for the track and field team. When COVID-19 shifted the NCAA soccer schedule to spring, she had to make a decision. Instead, she decided not to.

“I don’t think it takes super human talent, I just think it takes dedication and a will not to give up,” she said.

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