Love bites in ‘Wolf Like Me’ with Isla Fisher and Josh Gad

Isla Fisher’s character in the new genre-bending series “Wolf Like Me” is a romantic catch. Kind of.

She speaks four languages, makes cheese and pottery and is good at close-up magic. On the other hand, she can be distant and absolutely beastly. Oh, that reminds us: She has a pretty big personal secret.

“I’m a complicated person,” she tells her onscreen potential romantic partner, played by Josh Gad, in the first episode. “I have a really complicated life.”

His character understands perfectly: He’s a bit of a mess, too, an emotional wreck since the death of his wife and he’s trying in vain to connect with his tween daughter.

That’s the set-up to the new ambitious Peacock six-part series that starts Jan. 13 and mixes slapstick comedy, adult drama and heartbreaking trauma. It’s a story of two scarred people learning to be vulnerable again.

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