Logan Paul fires back at fans pointing to suspicious moment during Mayweather bout: ‘Shut the f— up’

The exhibition match between legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and YouTube sensation Logan Paul drew different reactions from many fans tuning into the pay-per-view event which took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Some spectators were unimpressed and even a conspiracy emerged that the two somehow coordinated the draw. A viral video showed Mayweather clock Paul on the left side of the head and then appeared to prop him up instead of allowing him to collapse. The New York Post reported, “Instead of letting him fall, Mayweather appeared to hold him up off the floor, preventing a knockdown — or, perhaps, a knockout.”

The running theory is that if Mayweather came out of the gate and pulverized Paul, there would be little interest in the possibility of a rematch.

Paul caught wind of the rumors and he decided to address critics on his Instagram.

Yo, I’m seeing this narrative going around that there’s one part of the fight where Floyd punched me and I kind of leaned on him a little bit and it looks like I kinda went limp,” Paul said via the New York Post in a series of Instagram Stories on Monday. “And people are trying to spin it and say he knocked me out and caught me and kept me up to keep the fight going till the eighth round.

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