Local mental health agency sees 129% increase in calls to crisis warm line

Local mental health agencies have seen a big increase in the number of people utilizing their services during the pandemic.

As many places shut down due to COVID-19, people were left having to find different ways to get help. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, officials say it’s important for people to know there are still resources out there, even if they look different than before.

East House’s Affinity Place, a short-term crisis residence, says they have seen a 129% increase in calls to their warm line service.

“We receive anywhere from 15 to 20 calls per day for a variety of reasons. People could be in a heightened state of emotion or just trying to talk a situation through, or sometimes just part of a natural support, a day-to-day I just need to be connected with someone,” said Sabrina May, the Program Manager at East House’s Affinity Place.

May says the pandemic hasn’t been easy on people, especially because of the isolation that’s come with it.

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