Live music returns to the opera house

Over the course of the long year of the pandemic, most music lovers shared a similar question at some point: What was the last concert you went to before everything shut down? It was a chance to reflect with nostalgia upon the B.C. era (before COVID-19) when you could gather with unmasked hordes of smiling friends, dance shoulder to shoulder with strangers, and perhaps even watch spittle fly from the lips of loud-talking friends or the musicians on stage with only a modicum of discomfort.

Oh, the old days, but now they’re back, to a degree, as singer-songwriter Daniel Rodriguez will play two live performances at the Sheridan Opera House on Saturday evening. One of the founding members and lead songwriters for the popular Colorado folk band Elephant Revival, Rodriguez has captivated audiences for more than a decade with his soulful songwriting and poetic brand of modern folk. Whether backed by a full band or the simple setup of an acoustic guitar and a stool on a bare stage, Rodriguez knows how to lead an audience on a communal journey of musical connection.

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